About - Asis Juicery
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Meet the team!


“Redemption comes in all shapes and sizes.”


We are Brad Sladek and Jackie Zaccagna, the co-founders of Asis Juicery. We have a very beautiful redemptive story which started many years ago after having met in New York City where we were married.  Several years and life experiences later our beautiful daughter, Olivia Faith who is now a junior in High School was born.  We both came to the Lord later in life, and are both the first believers in our families.  Neither of us came from a great legacy but are committed to leave one for our daughter, despite our divorce. We all know that God works in mysterious ways, and one thing we know as an absolute fact, is when you put LOVE in the middle of all equations it always wins!


When Jackie moved with Olivia from Southern California to Northern California to attend Bethel Church in Redding, Brad soon followed.  His love for our daughter and desire to be an active father couldn’t keep him away.  Jackie knew Brad would come. So did he!


After about a year in Redding the dream of opening an organic juicery actually started to present itself as a reality.  Both of us have a passion for health and wellness and saw the need for more organic juice options in the Redding community.  Both of us have nearly twenty-five years experience in the corporate world and were ready to put our skill sets to use in a meaningful and life giving way.  Brad’s management and financial acumen teamed with Jackie’s Ministry background, as well as her sales and marketing career started the ball rolling.


In the end it was our love for people, our hearts to share God’s great goodness and a hopeful desire to leave a legacy filled with meaning for our daughter that propelled us.


Thanks for taking the time to read about us!


Bless you on your journey into wholeness Spirit, soul, and body,


Brad, Jackie, and Liv