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Brad’s Story

Wishing you all love, health, and wellness!


“Everything we CHOOSE to put into our bodies has a direct affect on our health.

Hello Redding community!  I am Brad Sladek, co-founder of Asis Organic Juicery with my business partner, Jackie Zaccagna, who also happens to be the mother of my daughter and ex-wife.  Have I captured your attention?


God works in mysterious ways, as we know and knows the details of our lives before we do.  If you had told me 10 years ago this is how things would look now, I would have laughed and told you that you’re crazy!


I moved to the Redding area a little less than 2 years ago to be near my high school daughter, Olivia who moved up here with Jackie (read Jackie’s Heart for her story).  I had a major choice in life to make, either stay down in Orange County where I had been for nearly 20 years at a job that I liked but didn’t really fulfill me, or to be near my beautiful Olivia who was entering her freshman year at Redding Christian School.  I chose the latter!  What a blessing it has been!


After being up here for about a year and not knowing what this chapter of my life was going to look like, Jackie and I started talking about opening a business together.  Being the more cautious of the two, I backed away and didn’t want to be involved.  But as time moved on and we talked more seriously about it I realized what a great opportunity we had to bring an even greater awareness of health and wellness to the community.


My mom and sister passed away about 6 and 7 years ago, both from health related issues and I became depressed and ate myself into an extra 20 pounds of weight I didn’t need to be carrying. My knees hurt, my feet hurt, and quite frankly I didn’t look good. Tennis is my passion and after having played with a friend one day and not able to run to the ball very well without losing my breath, I decided enough was enough.  I joined a boot camp and started making much better, healthy choices in the food I put into my body.


Then one day I came across a DVD that really inspired me!  Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is a documentary about Joe Cross, an Australian business man who was just that, fat, sick, and nearly dead. If you haven’t watched it, you should!  Now, I was no where near as severely overweight as Joe was but what struck a chord with me more than anything was the CHOICES we can make related to our health.  Everything we CHOOSE to put into our bodies has a direct affect on our health.  It made me think of both of my parents who passed away way too young in life.  If they had made better choices related to their health and wellness they most likely would have lived a lot longer, healthier lives.


This inspiration has made me want to pass on my knowledge to anyone who will receive it!  I hope it inspires you as well.  Looking forward to the next chapters of my life, one step at a time!


Wishing you all love, health, and wellness!