Jackie's Heart - Asis Juicery
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Jackie’s Heart


Jackie’s Heart

“I pursued health and wellness because my quality of life depended on it and I wasn’t willing to settle!


I am so grateful I have been given the beautiful gift of loving the community of Redding through the modality of organic juicing. I understand first hand the value of healthy life choices, and let’s just say I wasn’t raised in the healthiest of home environments. When I moved up to Redding from SoCal a couple of years ago to attend Bethel Church and introduce my daughter Olivia to a more dialed down, wholesome lifestyle I wasn’t really sure what the next chapter of my life would look like. All I wanted to do was get some much needed rest and I wanted to be healthy and well again!


I have experienced first hand the value of eating organic, clean food and pursing a life style based in holistic health and wellness because I have walked the walk, literally! I believe in supernatural healing, I have prayed for people and seen them healed in the name of Jesus.  That is not my story.  I wish I could honestly say that I am some super spiritual health nut, however that is not the case either.  My experience is perhaps the garden variety kind in that I walked my way to wholeness through fear and trembling over the last six years. I pursued health and wellness because my quality of life depended on it and I wasn’t willing to settle!  Six years ago my body was poisoned by an antibiotic I was given for an infection.  It blew up my immune system and left me depleted physically, which eventually led to anxiety and depression (soul sickness), and ultimately affected my walk with God. I had a spiritual malady.  I have worked very diligently cleansing every organ in my body, sought council for the depression, and pursued MY BIG BEAUTIFUL GOD ferociously.  I have returned to about 85% health from where I started and I intend to spend the rest of my life contending and running after wholeness, spirit, soul, and body, as well as supporting others on their journeys.  We are created to be healthy, mind, body and spirit!


Due to the nature of my own past experiences I feel particularly passionate about giving back to the community in support of One Safe Place. One Safe Place is a refuge for families affected by domestic violence and helps people throughout Shasta County.  A portion of our earnings will go to One Safe Place.  I believe we are required to be a voice to the voiceless and help those less fortunate than ourselves.


I am personally undone by the support and love Asis Juicery has received thus far.  Honestly, all I wanted to do was help nurture the spirits, souls, and bodies of the Redding community and to give back some of the goodness I have been given. I had no idea that the Lord would use Asis Juicery as a Ministry!   I am humbled and in awe, truly! I feel like it is just the beginning! I am excited to be a part of what the future holds for Asis Juicery.


Peace and Love,