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All Organic Ingredients

Original Blood Type Cleanse

Our basic cleanse is designed for everyone. It is a great first great cleanse if you have never done a cleanse or want a gentle break for your system. It is basic, in order not to overwhelm. Choose from 1. 2. or 3 days. We created this cleanse to accommodate all blood types! Every ingredient is either a beneficial or neutral ingredient for everyone. There is not one ingredient in this cleanse on the avoid list for any blood type.

ADD-ONS (All Organic)
  • bee pollen
  • blue majik
  • chia seed
  • fermented alkalizing greens
  • fermented digestive greens
  • fermented fruitful greens
  • flax seed
  • grass fed chocolate peanut butter whey protein (diary)
  • grass fed vanilla whey protein (dairy)
  • pea protein (unflavored)
  • raw chocolate protein powder
  • raw vanilla protein powder
  • allergy – lung elixir
  • ashwaganda – thyroid support
  • breathe right – respiratory elixir
  • camu camu – energy
  • echinacea purpurea immunity
  • kidney bladder elixir
  • liver elixir
  • maca – hormone balance
  • muscle tendon elixir
  • turmeric – anti-inflammatory
ESSENTIAL OILS (Added to Shots)
  • citrus fresh – immune support, emotional, balance
  • clove – immune, cardiovascular, digestive & respiratory support
  • frankincense – immune & nervous system support, emotional balance & skin
  • lemongrass immune support, muscles & bones
  • oregano immune & respiratory support, muscles & bones
  • thieves – immune support